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Kinesio Tex Gold
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Product by the case:
Kinesio Tex Gold (Case of 6)
BEIGE 2" x 5.5yds
Kinesio Tex Gold (Case of 6)
BLUE 2" x 5.5yds
Kinesio Tex Gold (Case of 6)
PINK 2" x 5.5yds
Kinesio Tex Gold (Case of 6)
BLACK 2" x 5.5yds
Kinesio Tex Gold (Case of 4)
BEIGE 3" x 5.5yds

Kinesio Tex Gold

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Kinesio Tex tape is a durable, latex free tape that is can be left in place for 3-4 days. Depending on the taping technique, Kinesio tex tape is can be used to:

  •  correct muscle function
  •  improve circulation of blood and lymph
  •  relieve pain
  •  reduce edema or swelling.

The tape needs to be applied using special techniques that are described in the instructional books  video, or by taking a certification class.


Kinesio Tape is heat activated and when placed on the skin should be rubbed for a few minutes to allow the adhesive backing to adhere well to the skin.  (If tape gets wet, DO NOT use a hair dryer to dry the tape)





I love using Kinesio tape by itself or with other manual therapies such as myofacial release or manual lymph drainage. Patients report that there is such a relief from pain due to sprains, sore back or shoulder problems. Works so well with MLD to move lymph fluid and reduce edema.


Juli Romero RN

Kinesio Tex Gold
SKU# Our Price Color Quantity    
KTGN15024 $13.50 BEIGE 2" x 5.5yds
KTG25024 $13.50 BLUE 2" x 5.5yds
KTG35024 $13.50 PINK 2" x 5.5yds
KTG45024 $13.50 BLACK 2" x 5.5yds


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